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Винарска изба TODOROFFВинарска изба TODOROFF
Винарска изба TODOROFFВинарска изба TODOROFF
Винарска изба TODOROFFВинарска изба TODOROFF
Винарска изба TODOROFFВинарска изба TODOROFFВинарска изба TODOROFFВинарска изба TODOROFFВинарска изба TODOROFF

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National Contest "GALLERY TODOROFF" is an initiative of the Winery "TODOROFF" in support of Bulgarian artists , while calling the nation to a more harmonious and noble companionship. Since its establishment Winery "TODOROFF" connects its corporate social responsibility policy to the community as its orientation is to support projects related to art and Bulgarian cultural heritage. For TODOROFF " support of culture, art and heritage of Bulgaria is a priority for our recognition as a nation on the world map .


Todorov AD courtesy of the National Art Gallery and the Union of Bulgarian Artists systematically organized a competition for artwork "GALLERY TODOROFF" on :

" The philosophy of wine and life from ancient times until today "

Competition for artworks ' GALLERY TODOROFF " is conducted in the following conditions:

I . participation:
1. The contest is open only to Bulgarian authors.
2 . Each author may submit only one artwork .

II. Categories of participation:
1. The works are divided into " painting " and " sculpture "
2 . There is no restriction on the type of equipment .
3 . Dimensions of the product :
- A sculpture - a height of 70 cm
- For painting - in sizes up to 120 cm of the big party.

III . Stages of the competition :
Jury chaired by Mr. Ivan Todorov evaluate works in the following sequence . The stages are as follows:
1. Selection of works for the competition . Evaluated the overall artistic performance of works and thematic orientation .
2 . Nominations for each award .
- Special Prize TODOROFF - 1500 lev
- Award in the " Painting " - 1000 lev
- Reward in the " Sculpture " - 1000 lev
3 . Announcement of the winning works were carried out during the ceremony - concert " Wine and Art" on the occasion of awarding prizes to the authors.

IV . exhibition
1. Admitted in the contest works are displayed at a special exhibition , and the time and place shall be announced according to the regulations for each particular contest .

V. Value of artworks
The works of the participants will be offered for purchases . Each author should indicate the price, including 35% gallery expenses , which amount in purchases during the exhibition , Todoroff AD will provide a fund to support the Bulgarian students in the arts .

VI . Right of the organizer
The organizer will publish your site all the nominees for the award works.
The organizer has the right to use the nominated and award-winning works in the competition for advertising and promotional purposes , as well as printing them on wine labels , promotional materials and catalogs.

VII. deadlines
The terms of participation are determined by the conditions for the conduct of each individual contest.


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